Long Island Island Independent Film Expo

A free independent film festival based in Long Island, NY, LIIFE is set between infamous venues such as the Hamptons International, New York, and Tribeca Film Festivals, and other local fests who require submissions fees. In celebration of its 15th Anniversary, LIIFE wanted to boost awareness amongst filmmakers and film audiences by offering a greater variety of films. Leveraging my experience as a filmmaker with Creative Director David Lan, a differentiating insight was realized: independent films are unpredictable. And who better to predict a movie’s end than a fortune teller? Introducing Madame Vera.

The caveat was that the project was to be produced like an independent film as well – with no budget.

Case Study

Independent Film



Dangerous Place

In The Blood

The Facebook app was created to share Madame Vera’s movie predictions. Get yours at


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