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The future of business, tangled in a web of complexities, simplified with just one IBM BladeCenter Server. During my tenure at Ogilvy, I created this iconic campaign with Greg Gerstner as a loose assignment for a cost-effective IT trade show display highlighting the benefits of the server. It was clear after the first presentation, that our concept would blossomed into an initiative that would expanded beyond the appreciation of tech-junkies. Multiple cable balls were to appear one day centered in global business meccas: London, Paris, Dubai, Mumbai, Beijing, etc. Each equipped with cameras live-streaming the other locations “wirelessly.” The concept became both Ogilvy and IBM’s first true integrated campaign effort that spanned across all platforms. And to think that a little ball made of rubber-bands became a basketball-sized mockup of tangled wires, to a larger-than-life-sized ball of cables, was symbolic of the future.

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