GAPKids + BabyGAP

Portabello Road

GAPKids & BabyGAP are clear industry leaders in children’s and baby wear. However new companies have emerged as fledgling national challengers nipping at its coat tails. The once beneficial retail model of sharing pedestrian overflow with GAP’s adult brand, was now stunting the growth of it’s youngsters from the reduced walk-ins and sales. In tandem with repositioning GAP 1969, as creative director tasked to translate the new GAP 1969 campaign sensibilities and attitude, the real goal was not only to help generate in-store sales, but to let the babies and kids, be kids and babies again. The real challenge however was not creating fun concepts but casting from hundreds of toddlers to pre-teens, down to the select few, and keeping them interested on set before they stray. (Note to self: even bribery has limitations…). Written by Sam Mazur.


Behind The Scenes video from our kids and baby’s shoot. It was a long day and thankfully a good one.


GAP billboards were also placed near malls and stores that sell limited edition and specialty items for pre-purchase. Shoppers then visit their chosen location to pickup their merchandise. Products are kept in specialty bags that offer additional digital giveaways such as free access to music, content, and event tickets.

GAPKids / Barcode / Mall Bilboard
GAPKids / Mobile App
GAPKids / Barcode / Bag

To expand on the GAPKids Facebook Casting Album, I created an in-store digital dirror Photo Casting Booth where kids experience the adoration of paparazzi and broadcast their photos – naturally with parental approval.

GAPKids / Digital Mirror / Window
GAPKids / Digital Mirror / Before
GAPKids / Digital Mirror / After
GAPKids / Digital Mirror / Photo

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