GAP. The American icon is old, boring, out of touch, and desperate to connect with the next generation of consumers. The greater challenge was increasing in-store foot traffic. Starting with an detailed eight-page editorial featuring GAP’s Los Angeles Denim Design Studio (Vogue Fall 2011), a new 1969 visual campaign introduced an urban-trending style supported by a budget conscious social initiative in partnership with A generous yet dormant digital base of Facebook “Likes” doubled to 2.1 million while providing the in-store boost GAP needed before the Holiday season. As a creative director, I was tasked with developing a new attitude for design and messaging as well as a series of short “documentaries” capturing the vibe at Gap’s denim studio behind the 1969 line.

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Select video content showcasing the GAP 1969 product stories, designer interviews, and product manufacturing.


GAP / 1969 / Portland
GAP / 1969 / Manchester
GAP / 1969 / Nakemeguro

GAP billboards were also placed near malls and stores that sell limited edition and specialty items for pre-purchase. Shoppers then visit their chosen location to pickup their merchandise. Products are kept in specialty bags that offer additional digital giveaways such as free access to music, content, and event tickets.

GAPKids / Barcode / Mall Bilboard
GAPKids / Mobile App
GAPKids / Barcode / Bag

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