Eddie Shieh 謝宗楷 (pronounced ‘Shi’+’yeah’, not ‘She’) is actually happily retired by day.

In 1998, he was partnered to a Series-A travel portal called, ChinatownNYC.com, later serving in an advisory role to the New York Lower Manhattan Development Council (LMDC/NY) post 9-11 revitalization effort.

Eddie is a native New Yorker and is fluent English, conversant Mandarin, some Portuñol(Portuguese and Spanish) while learning German and Danish.

Other useless facts: platinum blond for two years, trampled by former New York Knicks 250lbs Power-Forward Anthony Mason (RIP), won a fist-pumping volley over John McEnroe, placed Third in the New York Queens Borough Eighth Grade Science Fair, and can predict weather with his surgically repaired joints – no app yet.

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